About Us

LEAP Christian Academy is a non-denominational Christian leadership and personal development ministry. We support inspired Believers to become more effective and influential in the marketplace through practical and adaptive training, coaching, mentoring and management engagements.

The Three-Fold Ministry of LEAP Christian Academy is highlighted as follows:

1. Ministry to the Individual Believer

Through the power of God, we are committed to supporting individual Believers to build and enhance their capacity to positively influence others and make sustainable impact in the marketplace, in fulfilling the Great Commission.

2. Ministry to the Christian in Business

Through the provision of inspired business solutions, we help Christians in business to create true wealth (sustainable value), by being profitable to God and the Body of Christ, using their ideas, talents and opportunities to glorify God.

3. Ministry to Pastors and Other Christian Leaders

As experienced leadership coaches, we support pastors and other Christians in leadership positions to manifest the leadership characters of Jesus Christ, and truly represent Him through their influence, authority and governance as effective leaders.

Our Belief

We believe that every Believer and true child of God is a treasure store of potentials, with a mandate from God to transform his or her given talents to treasures, thereby aligning with God’s purpose of positive global impact. We also believe that what most Believers need to achieve their purpose in life is the acquisition and utilisation of the right knowledge through correct teaching, as well as the most appropriate training, coaching and mentoring engagements.

The power of transformation is in you!

What We Do

LEAP Christian Academy facilitates top quality Christian teaching and training programmes, as well as inspired coaching and mentoring interventions for every Believer that desires to be better equipped to make sustainable impact in the marketplace. Our engagements are aimed at facilitating personal development, transformation and improved performance, for sustainable value creation.

Coaching unlocks your potentials, builds your capacity and inspires your confidence to achieve more and attain greater heights.