The Limitless Leadership Course


The Limitless Leadership Course is a 2-day practical course for all Believers in leadership positions irrespective of their leadership responsibilities. The Course, which outlines the most important lessons to learn from the Creation Story in the Book of Genesis, is what every true leader needs to be effective in leading successful teams.

Course Highlights

The Limitless Leadership Course presents the concept of Limitless Leadership, being the capability to confidently achieve much with little. The Course in this regard offers practical tools and techniques for inspired leaders to achieve excellent results and attain high performance.

In addition, the Course outlines the critical steps in the powerful journey of an effective leader from “Vision” to “Rest”. This is based on a study of God’s amazing model of leadership evident in the Book of Genesis, also demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Outcomes and Benefits

The major outcome of this special leadership course is the exposure of inspired leaders to the practical steps and powerful leadership mastery capacity to overcome the critical tests that define and position a successful Christian leader. The key benefits of the Course relate to the practical guidance to understand and model each aspect of God’s limitless leadership, order to become a more effective leader.

Take your leadership power, influence and impact to new levels of effectiveness and success. Become a limitless leader!

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